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Prepare to Embark on a Transformative Journey in Entrepreneurship

The Premier Startup Launch Bootcamp in Indonesia, powered by great mentors and strongest industry support. Our mission is to help aspiring founders with the right knowledge, skills, mindset and valuable network to start their entrepreneurial journey. Foundry Academy is more than a startup school, it is your starting point to build a transformative venture.

Program Start Date:

02 February 2024

Registration Deadline:

31 January 2014

Enrollment Fee:

IDR 12,000,000,-*

*Get 40% discount and special rebate through our community partners. See list here

Backed by the Strongest Network of Local Mentors:

Over 30+ local mentors from the who’s who of the industry in Indonesia. Learn directly from mentors with first-hand experience building successful startups, investors, and subject matter experts who will accompany your entrepreneurial journey.

Customized for the
Indonesian Landscape:

A tailored curriculum ensures that every step of your journey is relevant to the unique Indonesian business environment and Southeast Asia opportunity.

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Our approach is a structured journey, ushering you through the critical stages of your startup voyage:

Vision & Idea

Transform your concept into a compelling vision

People & Resources

Assemble the ideal team and gather the necessary resources.

Product & Offering

Refine your product or service offering for maximum impact.

Go-To-Market & Traction

Craft your market entry strategy and achieve the traction you need.

Revenue & Profit

Elevate your venture into a sustainable and profitable business.

Qualifying candidates will be invited to pitch their ideas in front of VCs and with the opportunity to join an additional 5-week bootcamp in which you will have face-to-face sessions with selected industry mentors.

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Cohort Support System

Innovation thrives when it's nurtured within a supportive framework. We emphasize the value of cohort support. You will not traverse this path in solitude. You'll become part of a thriving community, exchanging knowledge, insights, and personal growth.

How Do We Do It?

Foundry Academy is an intensive 12-weeks program, consisting of three main phases


Vetted by Industry

Partnering with over 100+ personnel in VCs and investors in Southeast Asia to help validate your ideas and the soundness of your go-to-market plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply to the Foundry Academy program?

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How to graduate from Foundry Academy?

Are international entrepreneurs eligible to apply, or is this program exclusive to Indonesian entrepreneurs?

Do startups need to share equity with the Foundry Academy as part of the agreement?

Are there any benefits for the top graduates?

What if I want to register with my co-founder?

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Join The Premier
Startup Launch Bootcamp
in Indonesia

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